Patterns in a chromatic field

by Arne Deforce & Yutaka Oya

Patterns In a Chromatic Field 
Complete works for cello solo + piano
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"For me sound was the hero, and it still is. I feel that I am subservient. I feel that I listen to my sounds, and I do what they tell me, not what I tell them. Because I owe my life to these sounds. Right? They gave me a life." Morton Feldman




Patterns In A Chromatic Field (1981) for cello and piano 
Projection I (1950) for cello solo 
Composition - 8 Little Pieces (1950) for cello and piano 
Intersection IV (1951) for cello solo 
Duration II (1960) for cello and piano 

Recording: December 2007, Concertgebouw, Bruges. 

Total playing time: 1:45:27

Arne Deforce : Cello
Yutaka Oya : Piano 


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