Chong Kee Yong: Timeless Echoes (2010)

Timeless echoes is inspired by ancient GuQin’s music (Guqin is a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family) and has traditionally been favored by WenRen. (A person with ultimate knowledge of the arts.) In this composition, I’d like to demonstrate a coordinated control of articulation and of inflections in pitch, timbre, and intensity. It is an exploration of the articulatory and vibratory characteristics of cello and Quqin. READ MORE


Hèctor Esteve Parra: L'aube Assaillie (2005)

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Raphael Cendo: Foris (2012)

Foris is a Latin root word denoting especially a forest "outside" a place outside of civilization, a wild and unknown location. The piece develops initially a multitude of game modes quickly chained and processed in real time by accentuating the hearing loss between the produced sound and its transformation.