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RHURTRIIIENNALE 2017 ESSEN Arne Deforce and Hèctor Parra Premiere

  • Rhurtriennale 2017 Maschinenhaus Maschinenhaus, Zeche Carl Essen Wilhelm-Nieswandt-Allee 100 Zeche Carl 45326 Essen Essen Germany (map)

...limite les rêves au-delà (2017)

Towards a cosmology in sound. Making music at the lightening speed of thought, creating a current of supra-conscious cosmic electricity transposed into sound.

limite les rêves au-delà.png

World premiere of a one hour grand cycle of explorative music inspired by general relativity, contemporary astrophysics and cosmic topology, black wholes and gravitational waves, the holographic principle and the endless varieties of vibration of the strings of a cello.

Hidden parallels between music & physics, resonanate in a most powerfull imagination and fascinating soundstructures: a new music of the spheres.

Hèctor Parra has been fascinated by scientific research into theoretical physics and new cosmological models for many years. In 2007-2009 the French-Catalan composer worked into the opera Hypermusic Prologue with the Harvard physicist Lisa Randall, and found inspiration in string theory and the extradimensional models of the universe. In his new work for cello and live surround electronics, developed together with the cellist Arne Deforce and the computer music designer Thomas Goepfer, he refers to the research of French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet into the topological structure of the universe.

Hèctor Parra: "In this new work for cello and live electronics which lasts for over an hour we will develop a psycho-acoustic journey to the boundaries of the known world in order to gain virtual entry to a universe beyond our sensory experience: a kind of 'Paradiso' that at the moment we can only imagine. We have been inspired by the utopian journey through a gigantic black hole described by the French physicist Jean-Pierre Luminet, with whom we have been actively collaborating on this project. [...] What will this new paradise be? A paradise that we can only discover through the sound of a music that has yet to be composed? Are we, as various contemporary theoretical physicists have suggested, the holographic projection of a deeper reality inscribed into the limits of the universe? Are we simply the shadows of this musical whispering with which our composition begins…?"


Composition: Hèctor Parra
Cello Solo: Arne Deforce
Sound design: Thomas Goepfer (Grame-Lyon)

A commission by
- Concertgebouw Brugge
– Grame Centre national de création musicale (Lyon) with the support of the Ministry for the Arts and Culture of France.
A coproduction of Grame, Ruhrtriennale and Concertgebouw Brugge.