Quotes on Music, Art, Science and Technology

"The world is multidimensional in its essence. Mental processes are also multidimensional. Why not demand that models of musical thinking be multidimensional?"

 - Leon Theremin 1965


"What can I say than the music itself?
Yes, to the ears that dear to hear, that dear to hear, that dear to hear,
Both the silence and the sound!
Yes, the silence sound 
Duality necessity belongness
Balanced projection pointless Cosmo-Nature/natural feeling-sensitivity
Dial point of vibration-intensity indicator 
Express image expression need necessity being code alter-otherness continuance
Continuance On .. On .. On
The music is in the word of words ON ……."

- Sun Ra (The Immeasurable Equation)

Atlas Events, graphic design of a particle collision. Large Hadron Collider - CERN


"Art sets out to expand our awareness, to create room for new concepts that are just now being researched in science. Or, as Paul Klee once said, arts does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible. The same applies to science, especially pure research: it goes far beyond the visible. Sometimes it is the visions of science that open up new forms to art, and sometimes it is the other way round. But at all events both of them, art and science, pursue similar visions. Both deviate form the beaten track of thought and perception to conquer something new with great purpose and creativity. Both risk going down the wrong party in order to take a shortcut or discover new territory. Neither has it easy, because they question the tried and tested and upend the familiar. But it is art and science that advance mankind."

- Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director-General of CERN


Iannis Xenakis: Nomos Alpha for cello solo (hexahaedral rotation cubes)


"As I see it, music is a domain where the most profound questions of philosophy, thought, behavior, and the theory of the universe ought to pose themselves to the composer. The role of the musician must be this fundamental research: to find answers to phenomena we don't understand, and to enlarge our powers of conception and action. So it is perpetual exploration." 

- Iannis Xenakis (Computer Music Journal 10, n° 3, 1986, p.54)


"It seems that a new type of musician is necessary, "an artist-conceptor" of new, abstract, and free forms, tending towards complexities, and the towards generalizations on several levels of sound organization. … The artist-conceptor would have to be knowledgable in such varied domains as mathematics, logic, physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, paleontology (for the evolutions of forms), the humanities and history; in short, a sort of universality, but on based upon, guided by and oriented toward forms and architectures." 

- Iannis XENAKIS (Art/Sciences: Alloys, 1985)


“The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.”

- Rainer Maria RILKE 1904 (Letters to a Young Poet)

"Hide what you compose in what you hear.
Cover what you hear.
Place something next to what you hear.
Place something far away from what you hear.
Support what you hear.
Continuo for a long time an event you hear.
Transform an event until it becomes unrecognizable
Transform an event that you hear into the one you composed last.
Compose what you expect to come next.
Compose often, but also listen for long periods to what is already
composed, without composing.
Mix all these instructions.
Increasingly accelerate the current of your intuition."

- Karlheinz Stockhausen (Hymnen)